Clock Display For Lehi Highschool Marching Band

We built an on field display for the Lehi High School Marching Band. The theme was of a clock. Shaun Walk of Shaun Walk Design, Kevin Vansteeter, and Paul Madden were the three individuals involved in the build of this project. This is an example of not only a portable, sturdy piece, but also one that can be setup and taken down quickly. It also represents the quality and beauty of the work that we do.

Below is a picture of the clock drive mechanism before it was welded to the frame.

Clock Mechanism

Below is a picture of the clock mechanism welded to frame with chains attached.

Clock Mechanism Mounted With Chains

Barbell Rack

This is a custom barbell rack we made for a customer. Simple but effective. The one odd row was built for a specialty barbell. Below is a close up picture of just the rack without the example barbells.

 Barbell Rack

Chinup Bar for My Brother in Law

This is a chin-up bar I made for my brother in law. Help helped of course.

First is one of the two triangles. Each one is made from a single piece of angle iron, with corners notched on only one joint where the outside edge was welded. Notice it has been drilled for bolts or lags to attach it to a wall.

This picture shows the two triangles with a round tube welded in each end to finish up the chinup bar. It is meant to bolt up to a wall with 16" between studs, skipping two in the middle. In other words, it is desgined to bolt to wall studs 48" apart. Last I knew he was using in and it was very nice, and very sturdy mount to his wall.


Here is the final picture of it hanging on a wall in his garage.


Travel Trailer Carrier

This is a carrier a built to go in the trailer hitch on the rear of my travel trailer. It was designed to hold my generator and gas cans and whatever else I decided to put on there. It is extremely sturdy. Can easily hold 500 pounds.

I made it out of 2" x 2" x 1/8" angle iron for the main frame.


The two support pieces across the bottom that I lined up with the generator bolt holes are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/8" angle iron.


The main tube that connects with receiver hitch is a 2" x 2" x 1/4".


There is a 16 gauge piece of steel welded in the frame to make the floor of the carrier. This is the final version. Notice I also added hoops around the carrier to tie things down to the carrier. This picture was taken after it had traveled 600 miles to Southern California.



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